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Another week has gone by, so you know what time it is, the Keebio Weekly Roundup, where we highlight sightings of Keebio boards and such from places like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:





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· 7 min read

They come in shades of every kind. Some are fandom inspired and some give your keyboard just the right sound you want. Some you can order right away and others you'll have to wait for what feels like an eternity for the magic to arrive...

That's right, we're talkin' keycaps today! There are times when the Keebio crew will get some questions about what keycaps are recommended or what keyset will work on our boards.

· 5 min read

With the recent release of the BAMFK-1, I thought it was a good time to get some thoughts from the creator himself! NovelKeys features the Big Switch, and the community needed a new aesthetic case for it. Our founder, Danny, had just the case in mind… thus the creation of the BAMFK-1!

· 10 min read

If you’re a first timer to mechanical keyboards, read on! This will help you choose the best keyboard for your needs, and help you understand some names of things.

Psst! If you’re familiar with mech keebs, but are a first timer to Keebio, and you want to know how to DIY your first keyboard, skip here.

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The Iris has gone through 7 revisions so far, and it can be hard to remember the difference between revisions. So, we've put together some info about what those differences are so you know what to get.

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Some of the Switches Available

If you're interested in getting a pre-built keyboard from Keebio, such as the Iris, Quefrency, and Sinc, one of the options you'll need to decide upon is which switches you want for us to use for your build.

Don't know what you'd like? No problem, we'll go through the different options that are offered to help you decide.

We'll also tell you why we've selected each one of these switches and why we like them.

· 6 min read

Final Prototype of Iris Case in Blue

After several months of working on the design and going through a few prototypes, we've finally started production on the aluminum case for the Iris!

Development Process

What took so long? If you’ve been tracking the status of development on the status board, you’ll see that it takes about 3-4 weeks for each round of prototypes to be made and shipped to us. While it didn’t take us too long to make design revisions, we didn’t get to do them quickly after receiving prototypes, since we have multiple projects and tasks going on simultaneously.

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Five years ago on May 5, 2017, I launched Keebio and announced it to the world. Back then, the store just had Cherry MX deskmats, diodes, TRRS jacks, Pro Micros, and switch springs. Not too long after, I added in Gateron switches and my first keyboard PCB, the Nyquist.

Ever since then, it’s been quite a blur to think through everything that’s taken place until now, so I’ve dug through all the keyboard releases I’ve done and put together a timeline, so here we go.


Nyquist Rev. 1 - May 2017

The very first keyboard PCB I designed, read all about the design process here: The Many Failures of Keebio PCB prototypes

I still have the very first prototype of it hanging on the wall at my office behind me.

Nyquist Rev. 1 Working Prototype