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· 21 min read

Five years ago on May 5, 2017, I launched Keebio and announced it to the world. Back then, the store just had Cherry MX deskmats, diodes, TRRS jacks, Pro Micros, and switch springs. Not too long after, I added in Gateron switches and my first keyboard PCB, the Nyquist.

Ever since then, it’s been quite a blur to think through everything that’s taken place until now, so I’ve dug through all the keyboard releases I’ve done and put together a timeline, so here we go.


Nyquist Rev. 1 - May 2017

The very first keyboard PCB I designed, read all about the design process here: The Many Failures of Keebio PCB prototypes

I still have the very first prototype of it hanging on the wall at my office behind me.

Nyquist Rev. 1 Working Prototype