If you're interested in getting a pre-built keyboard from Keebio, such as the Iris, Quefrency, and Sinc, one of the options you'll need to decide upon is which switches you want for us to use for your build.

Don't know what you'd like? No problem, we'll go through the different options that are offered to help you decide.

We'll also tell you why we've selected each one of these switches and why we like them.

Switch Types

First, let's go into the different switch types. There are 3 main switch types out there:

  • Clicky
  • Linear
  • Tactile

Clicky switches

Clicky switches are what's most commonly associated with mechanical keyboards, even though not all mechanical keyboards use clicky switches. These switches make an audible click sound when pressed. Examples of clicky switches include Cherry Blues, Cherry Greens, and Kailh Box Jades.

Linear switches

Linear switches are switches that travel a constant distance and don't have a noticeable tactile bump when being pressed. Examples of linear switches are Cherry Reds, Cherry Blacks, Alpacas, and Gateron Yellows.

Tactile switches

Tactile switches are switches that have a bump while being pressed down to let you know that you've pressed the key. Examples of tactile switches are Cherry Browns, Boba U4T, and Zealios.

Silent switches

Linear and tactile switches can also be silent as well. To make a switch silent, there are rubber or silicone dampeners on the sides of the switch stem to reduce the amount of noise made by the switch. Examples of silent switches are Boba U4, Durock Shrimps, Bobagums, and Zilents.

Switch Options

Here's a list of the switches that we currently offer (some may go in and out of stock):

We have previously offered the following switches, but due to demand and limited availability, we don't know when/if they will be in stock again:

  • Gazzew Boba U4 62g (Silent Tactile)
  • Gazzew Boba U4T 62g (Thocky Tactile)
  • Gazzew Bobagum 62g (Silent Linear)

In general, we try to offer one switch for each type of switch out there (i.e. clicky, tactile, linear) and sometimes its silent version.

All of these switches are ones that we use in our personal keyboard builds.

Here's why we like each one of these:

Kailh Box Jades (Clicky)

For a clicky option, we like the Jades because they have a good tactile feel to them when pressed since they've got a clickbar inside of them. The clickbar does make the switch quite loud, but it is a very satisfying sound. Not recommended if there are other people around, but if not, then have at it.

Milky Gateron Yellows (Linear)

Milky Gateron Yellows are great budget linear switches, and if you don't want to do any modifications to them like lubing, they still feel very good stock.

Durock Shrimps (Silent Tactiles)

While the Durock Shrimps are not quite as tactile as the Boba U4, they still feel pretty good and are silenced. For a silent tactile, these are a good value.

These switches are available here: Durock Shrimps

Durock Dolphins 62g (Silent Linears)

If you're looking for a linear switch that's silent, the Durock Dolphins are a good option, as they feel nice.

These switches are also available standalone outside of pre-built keyboards here: Durock Dolphins

Durock Sunflowers 67g (Tactiles)

If you still want a tactile switch that's not silenced, we've got Durock Sunflowers, which are an improved version of the T1 switch. The housings are made of POM, and the switches are pre-lubed, giving it a smooth feel.

These switches are available here: Durock Sunflowers

Gazzew Boba U4 62g (Silent Tactile) (Currently unavailable)

Zilent switches are nice feeling tactile switches that are silent and very tactile, but paying $1.30 per switch is a tough pill to swallow. The Boba U4 switch is a cheaper option with a similar feel, and it's rated very highly. The switches are slightly lubed by the factory, giving them a smooth feel.

Even though we normally prefer a 67g bottom-out weight for switches, we've opted for the 62g version of the Bobas, since they feel a little bit nicer with the lighter weight.

Gazzew Boba U4T 62g (Thocky Tactile) (Currently unavailable)

The Boba U4T switch is another tactile switch that feels great and has a nice sound to them. It's also another highly rated switch by ThereminGoat.

Gazzew Bobagum 62g (Silent Linear) (Currently unavailable)

As you can tell, we really like the switches that Gazzew has put out, and the Bobagum silent linear switch is no exception. If you want a linear switch that's silent, Bobagums are great.

Common Questions

Here are some of the questions about switches that we commonly get.

What's the best switch for gaming?

It doesn't matter, it just comes down to preference on how things feel.

What's good for office usage, where there are other people around?

We recommend something silent, like the Durock Shrimps or Boba U4. If not going for something silent, then a normal linear or tactile switch will be fine, just don't go with a clicky switch.

Which switches allow the light from RGB LEDs to shine through the best?

Switches with a clear slot/housing will allow for light to pass through the best. Other switches will still pass through some amount of light, depending on how the housing is.

Below, you can see how well the RGB LEDs of the Iris Rev. 6 shine through some of our switches:

What's a good place to read reviews about switches?

Check out ThereminGoat's Blog, where he writes very in-depth reviews of tons of switches.

If you want to see scores for each switch, you can find his scoresheets here: Switch Scores

Other Switches

If you're interested in using a different switch than what we offer, you can send in your own switches. Just contact us, and we'll let you know where to send the switches.

If you've got any suggestions for switches you think we should stock, please let us know!