The work keeps on chugging along at the Keebio office! We worked a lot on doing quality control on the Iris Aluminum cases, and we just posted them up for sale. Iris CE progress has been moving along as well, as the right half PCB prototypes came in.


  • Iris CE
    • PCB - Right half PCB prototypes arrived last week, finished off the initial firmware, and everything looks good. Production to be started after final testing with case parts
    • Switch plates - POM plates received, however, due to how flexible they are, the sides pop up a bit and aren't flush with the case tray if the screws are tightened too much. Samples of aluminum plates have been ordered to see if that works better. Aluminum plates would help give the board a bit more weight, since even with the CNC aluminum tray case, the whole build was a bit light with the POM plates
    • Poron foam - No news here past sampling, as more case testing is needed
    • Silicone feet - 2nd round of samples with revised design just came in, will test them out with case
    • Aluminum tray pieces - Received samples, looks good and will see how well it works with the new silicone feet

POM Plate with Black Aluminum Case (each half weighs 6oz fully built)

    • PC tray pieces - Awaiting testing with feet before proceeding with production
    • Carrying case - Received sample, but need to revise the dimensions to be a bit larger due to tight fit
    • Tenting pieces - Still need to work on design
  • Iris Aluminum Cases - Available for sale now!
  • Iris Rev. 8 PCBs - Back in stock again
  • Laser Ninja Acrylic Keyboard Stands - I've known Laser Ninja for a while now, and he's put together a nice design for acrylic keyboard stands. Right now, they're just being sold in his home country of Australia, but a batch of stands are on the way to us. They should be available next week. We've tested them out with our split keyboards, and the Mini stands work great for that.
Mini and Compact Dual Labelled 1010px.jpg
Acrylic keyboard stands
  • Nyquist Rev. 5 - For people who liked the 2u thumb option on the 4x12 split Levinson, we've figured out a way to add that option to the hotswap Nyquist in 4x12 mode, so we'll get started on making that addition soon


Since we started selling some Pro Micro-compatible Bluetooth controllers, we've started investigating Bluetooth with ZMK firmware and may have some split, wireless keyboard designs soon, beginning with the Iris and variants of it. Stay tuned.