Keebio focuses on mechanical keyboards... but what does that mean? Let's find out.


If you’ve seen the pre-built option on our website, you already know this is something we offer. However, there are a few other things that may help you get even closer to that endgame ultimate keyboard you’ve been dreaming of.

Fully built Quefrency keyboard with a rotary encoder in the top left corner and gray alphas and brightly colored modifier keycaps.
We can build this for you. It's hiding in our 'Pre-Built Keyboards' section of our site.


While we offer some switches in-house, we can take switches from other vendors and build them into your board for you, too. We do ask that you submit your pre-built order first, then order those switches and have that vendor mail us that order of switches. Then we’ll send that build to you when it’s done. Magic!

That also applies to keycap sets too, we're happy to pop them onto the keyboard after the rest of the build is done if you'd like to make that happen. Just be sure to put in the pre-built order first. :)

Durock Shrimp (Silent Tactile T1) Switches
Behold our spiritual successor to the Boba U4s... the Durock Shrimps!

Modifications to Templates

With the Cepstrum, the keycaps come in black and white. Someone ordered the modifiers in black and the remaining keys in white, which looked pretty cool. It’s also not our default. So if there’s something that is our default and you’re interested in the possibility of changing things up, ask us and we can see if it’s doable.

Custom 3D Printing

Sometimes what you’re looking for just isn’t in the store window. We understand. However, Keebio is not stopped by these obstacles! If you’re dreaming of something like a BFO-9000 with a tented mid-layer, we can get that made for you. 

FFT - Split Ortholinear Keyboard
Custom tilt? No problem.

You can also reach out to us with ideas about a keyboard if you’re not sure how to actualize it. We might have stuff on hand to make it happen. Or, if not, we can source places or folks you can go to who can probably help you.


With so much information surrounding the mechanical keyboard community, it is reasonable if you feel a bit inundated with options. We’re happy to chat with you to help you find what will be best suited to your needs. 

cats with jobs 🛠 on X: "" / X
adjusts glasses Or do you mean cat-sultation? (Image credit to @CatWorkers on Twi-oh, X.)

Whether you’re looking for a keyboard for you or looking to bulk price things for a school or company, please reach out so we can chat about options for you!

Give us a holler (or normal speaking tone voice) over email at!