Last update of the year! Emily and I have been working on a non-keyboard-related side project for a client, and it has taken a lot more time than expected. There was definitely a near-meltdown on my end, as I was running into memory issues with microcontrollers while also being sick, but I managed to figure things out after a couple days of rest.


  • Iris CE
    • Tray design was changed to have the switch plate sit inside of the tray, instead of having the switch plate sit on top of the tray. This will prevent the issue we were seeing with the plate not sitting flush with the top of the tray and bending. The new design also has the USB ports enclosed (aluminum version only)
    • Switch plates - A new switch plate design was done to match with the new tray design. Aluminum plates anodized black will be done
    • Poron foam - No news here past sampling, as more case testing is needed
    • Silicone feet - Production of feet is complete, and we have all the feet on-hand now
    • Aluminum tray pieces - Received latest samples, but I forget to lower the height of the threads on the tray, so design needs to be modified
    • PC tray pieces - Awaiting rework on aluminum tray before making revisions
    • Carrying case - Received new sample today, but need to revise the dimensions a bit more, as case is now too high
    • Tenting pieces - Still need to work on design
  • Nyquist Rev. 5 - Prototype PCBs ordered
  • Iris SE case
    • Goal is to replace Iris PE parts with a tray case (CNC aluminum and injection molded versions)
    • Design is similar to Iris CE tray, but is for Iris Rev. 5-8 PCBs
    • Received samples
    • TODO: Design silicone insert for tray, design poron piece between plate and PCB
  • Cherry Icebergo - Reordered sets, will also looks into stock just a set of modifiers so you can use alphas from other Cherry-profile sets
  • MBK PBT blank Choc keycaps - A bunch of new colors just came in, haven't taken pictures of the keycaps yet for the website, but they are available. 1.5u and 2u white and black keycaps will also be made available next week.