Alright, I'm back for a not-so-regular update on things. But you would already know most of this because you're a subscriber to our newsletter or a member of our Discord server, right? Anyway, let's get moving along because I know there's a lot to catch up on.


  • Iris CE
    • PCBs - These arrived earlier this week, and sampling of PCBs has been completed and passed
    • Switch plates - Black aluminum plates arrived back at the end of January
    • Poron foam - Arrived at the end of January
    • Silicone feet - Arrived last December
    • Aluminum tray pieces - Shipped, should have them in about a week
    • PC tray pieces - Translucent black completed, Atomic purple and frosted samples completed - Should arrive next Monday
    • Carrying case - Shipped via sea, ETA end of April (this is the main thing that will be arriving last)
    • Tenting piece design - A couple of draft designs made, the first one being a plate that attaches to the bottom tray and allows for a tripod mount to be used. Other is a pair of legs to be attached to the bottom at a set angle.
    • Expected release is End of April, once the trays have been inspected and packed into carrying cases
Prototyping tripod mount
Prototyping pair of legs
  • Nyquist Rev. 5 - Still need to write firmware for it
    • Black Aluminum Plates and Frosted middle layers - Arrived and posted for sale
  • Iris SE case
    • Silicone tray insert - Arrived
    • Silicone insert between PCB and plate - In production
    • Black Aluminum trays - In production
    • PC trays - To be designed later
  • White of Black Cherry Ergo Keyset - Initial sample received, new sample in production, name of set to be determined
  • Iris KS (Gateron Low-Profile KS-33 compatible)
    • PCBs - Received prototype PCBs, currently revising PCB design
    • Plates - Prototype plates ordered
    • Alu tray - To be designed
Figuring out the correct offset for Gateron Low-Profile stabilizers and testing them out