With the upcoming release of the Iris CE and the development of the Iris KS, things can get a bit confusing on what case parts are compatible with what, so here's a rundown of it.

Iris Models

Original line of Iris keyboards

The "original line of Iris keyboards" here refers to the currently available Iris keyboard parts that support the commonly used MX-style switches, so Iris Rev. 5-8 PCBs and the Iris PE case parts, Iris Aluminum Case (to be renamed as Iris AE), Iris Essential Models, and the upcoming Iris SE. The spacing of the keys (keyspacing) is at a standard 19.05mm between the centers of the keys, both vertically and horizontally.

Keyspacing for original Iris Keyboards (19.05mm vertical, 19.05mm horizontal)

Iris CE (Compact Edition)

Iris CE is short for "Iris Compact Edition", which is only compatible with Kailh Choc V1 switches. Additionally, the keyspacing is closer than the original Iris, with keys spaced 17mm apart (center-to-center) vertically and 18mm apart horizontally.

Keyspacing for Iris CE (17mm vertical, 18mm horizontal)

Iris KS (Gateron KS compatible)

Iris KS is the version compatible with Gateron KS-33 and KS-27 low-profile switches. The keyspacing is 19.05mm vertically and horizontally like the original line of Iris keyboards. The cases are designed to be low-profile similar to the Iris CE.

Product pages for Iris KS PCBs and case parts haven't been posted to the store website yet, as full prototypes haven't been made yet.


There are 4 main PCBs for the Iris that will be available:

  • Iris Rev. 5 PCBs - Solder version of the original line of Iris keyboards (MX/Alps/Choc switches)
  • Iris Rev. 8 PCBs - Hotswap version of the original line of Iris keyboards (MX switches only)
  • Iris CE Rev. 1 PCBs - For Iris CE keyboard (Compact Edition) (Choc switches only)
  • Iris KS Rev. 1 PCBs - For Iris KS keyboard (Gateron KS switches only)


There are various case parts for the different Iris models as well:

Iris CE Polycarbonate (left), Iris CE Aluminum (right)
  • For Iris KS:
    • Iris KS Aluminum Case
    • Iris KS Polycarbonate Case

Compatibility Table

Model Iris Iris CE Iris KS
Iris Rev. 5-9
Iris CE Rev. 1
Iris KS Rev. 1
Iris PE
Iris AE
Iris SE
Iris CE
Iris KS
Kailh Choc V1 ✅ (Rev. 5 only)
Gateron KS-33
Gateron KS-27