It's been about 2 months since the last weekly roundup, since we were quite busy with the holidays and then getting back up to speed again upon returning. We hope you have a good break in the meantime.

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  • Cepstrum right half PCB design has been completed, and the prototype PCBs should be arriving early next week - Also ordered some resin-printed top and tray pieces for enclosing everything to test
  • Convolution PCBs have arrived and have been flashed, just waiting on the stacked acrylic cases now (ETA 4 weeks)
  • Round 2 of Iris Aluminum cases (Black and Pebble Gray) have been packed and will be available for sale next week
  • Round 3 of Iris Aluminum cases (Black, Dark Gray, Lilac) have been ordered and are expected to arrive sometime around April-June 2023
  • Still waiting on the production of Sinc Rev. 3 PCBs, hopefully, they should be complete by the end of the month
  • Stainless steel plates for the Iris have been reordered
  • Most of the Waterfowl GB parts have arrived with the main vendor, and the remaining parts should come in within the next couple weeks
  • WTF60 PCBs have been reordered
  • Now that the initial Cepstrum PCBs have been designed, the development of Quefrency Rev. 6 PCBs has started

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