We received some more awesome packages this week and have been busy unpacking them and putting things into kits. We'll see how quickly we can pack them and make them available.

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:





  • Cepstrum left half PCB prototypes have been ordered, right half redesign still in progress
  • Nyquist Rev. 4 left half PCB prototypes ordered
  • New! Stampy handwiring controller was designed this week and prototypes ordered
  • Iris Stainless Steel plates have been packed and put up for sale
  • Iris acrylic plates in black and white have also been packed and made available
  • Convolution acrylic cases have arrived, but we haven't had a chance to inspect things. Next week, we'll do some test builds before making kits
  • Sinc Rev. 3 PCBs arrived, random sample testing completed, will be available next week
  • Iris frosted acrylic middle layers still in production, probably available in about 3 weeks

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