As usual, been busy with stuff, so it's been slow with getting the end of week updates in. I picked up a beat-up Model F XT the other day from an e-cycling place just down the street from my office.

Also don't forget, there's Keebio Discord server to hang out at if you want some more info on things or have suggestions to make.

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:





  • Iris Aluminum Case - Round 3 of cases (Black, Dark Gray, Lilac) are on their way to us, and we expect to have them ready for sale at the beginning of June. Also to be included now with the cases are silicone tray inserts that allow for better support inside of the case than FLAHNS. If you've previously purchased the aluminum case, these inserts are available for sale separately.
  • Cepstrum - PCBs have been ordered and are expected to arrive somewhere around the middle/end of June. Kits will come with the PCBs, plates, and Choc stabilizers. An add-on for a resin-printed top shell and middle layer will be available separately.
  • Stampy - Still haven't gotten around to doing the final modification, but that should be done within the next week
  • Sinc - A Rev. 4 version of the PCBs is in the works to fix up boot/wake issues some users are experiencing. Additional bottom-row layouts might be added during this process
  • FoldKB - A small batch run of FoldKB PCBs and plates is planned to be ordered next week. Signup for a restock notification if you want in on it!
  • A Choc-specific Iris board is in the works. Similar to the Cepstrum, it'll be hotswap with per-key RGB, use mid-mount USB-C ports to make things as slim as possible, and have Choc keycap spacing (i.e. 17x18mm). More details to come once an initial PCB layout of components is done, possibly with a draft mockup of the case.
  • EU Distribution - For those of you looking to buy Keebio stuff but are in Europe, you're in luck! While we have worked on reducing shipping costs, duties/taxes can be a lot too. So, we've been working with to have the Iris Rev. 7 and Quefrency Rev. 5 distributed from there soon.

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