It's been some time since the last update, as I've been in and out of the office a bit due to Spring Break, but there are quite a bit of things going on to catch you up with.

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:







  • Cepstrum - New round of prototypes scheduled to arrive on Monday, 4/24, hopefully, this is the final run of prototypes needed before putting things into production. We also have a keycap kit that has finished production to go along with it (more details about this later)
  • Nyquist Rev. 4 right PCB design complete, about to send it off for prototypes
  • Stampy - One more modification of adding a VBUS detection circuit is needed before ordering them
  • Waterfowl GB kit extras were posted for sale last week but sold out very quickly. Currently in talks with the designer to see if we can run it as an in-stock item
  • Iris PE Acrylic Plates in black, white, and frosted to be reordered this week
  • Quefrency Rev. 6 PCB design work to be started this week, with a feature set similar to the Sinc Rev. 3 (hotswap and per-key RGB). We'll try to have additional bottom-row layout options added

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