Another week has gone by, so you know what time it is, the Keebio Weekly Roundup, where we highlight sightings of Keebio boards and such from places like Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:





Other Updates

  • We received a huge shipment of carrying cases for the upcoming Iris Aluminum Case
  • For anyone who want to buy these for their current Iris build, we should have them available next week
  • We also received Smoky Gray Iris acrylic plates, so check them out
  • The Elite-Pi is now available for sale, and it's a great option for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to the Elite-C with more firepower
  • Sinc Rev. 3 PCB prototypes have been shipped to us, and we expect to receive them next week
  • Iris Rev. 7 PCBs have now been ordered, and we expect to receive them around early November
  • Currently awaiting shipment of Durock Dolphin switches, which are 62g silent linears
  • Currently working on updating VIA firmware for all boards to allow encoders to be remapped in VIA
  • The Waterfowl Group Buy is about to launch! The Waterfowl is a 36-key split keyboard inspired by the Kyria and Arch-36, designed and created by CyanDuck
  • We've currently working on more cool video content for YouTube, such as a tutorial on soldering

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