I wasn't feeling too great last week, so didn't post, but that just means this week you get two weeks of updates to catch up on!

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:





Other Updates

  • Durock Dolphin Silent Linear Switches have arrived, so check them out if you're looking for a silent linear
  • Sinc Rev. 3 prototype PCBs arrive on Monday, and we expect these to be the final prototypes. Assuming everything checks out, the order will be placed right away, making the ETA for availability around Mid-December
  • Coiled USB-C to USB-C cables in white should be arriving on Monday
  • ETA for Iris Rev. 7 PCBs is 3 weeks, as we just signed off on the samples, and that is the typical length of time after signing off ✍️
  • Iris Stainless Steel plates available again
  • Iris carrying cases were placed for sale earlier this week 🧳
  • Stay tuned for some upcoming sales 😁👀
  • Iris Aluminum Case
    • Still doing QC work on the Black and White Iris aluminum cases, mostly complete, but we can't pack them until we receive the rest of the stainless steel plates needed for them
    • Manufacturer should be nearly done with reanodizing the tops for the other case colors, since there were color matching issues when compared to the bottom case piece
    • Current estimate for release is November
  • Quefrency VIA firmware update is complete, so now you can remap encoders within VIA
  • Waterfowl Group Buy is still ongoing for next couple weeks, join in if you are interested

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