Nothing much in terms of Keebio keyboard sightings this week, so just updates:


  • Sinc Rev. 3 prototype PCBs arrived, currently working on updating the firmware work due to QMK changes
  • Coiled USB-C to USB-C cables in white are available now
  • The Jawn 3x3 Aluminum Macropad has been placed on sale, get yours now!
  • Iris Aluminum Case
    • Stainless steel plates for it has been shipped out, which will allow us to finally pre-pack the Black and White cases
    • Reanodization for Lilac, Navy Blue, and Gray cases has been completed, manufacturer currently doing QC on them
  • Only one week left for the Waterfowl Group Buy!
  • Initial PCB design for the SS65XT is complete and sent off for prototypes

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