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Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:






  • Sinc Rev. 3 prototype PCBs
    • Firmware completed now
    • ISO Enter support has been added, however, support won't be available out be out of the box. To convert board to have ISO support, you will need to move 2 of the hotswap sockets (relocation service option will be available)
  • Iris Aluminum Case
    • Pre-packing of Black and White cases in progress, goal for availability of these units is 2 weeks
    • Manufacturer is having problems with reanodizing the navy blue cases
    • Anodization for Lilac, Green, and Gray cases seems to be fine, to be shipped soon
      • These will be made available later as they come in
  • PCB prototype kits for the SS65XT might be made available next week
  • PCB design Low-Profile Choc version of the Quefrency called the Cepstrum is halfway complete
  • Iris Rev. 7 PCBs have been shipped and might be available by the end of next week

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