Some Keebio build sightings this week, some updates, and a new YouTube video!

Spotted in the Wild!

Maybe you'll draw some inspiration from what you see in the following builds:




  • Sinc Rev. 3 prototype PCBs
    • Need to order a 4th prototype for the right half, but currently having issues with manufacturer in placing the order
  • Iris Aluminum Case
    • Continuing pre-packing of Black and White cases, goal is to finish by end of next week
    • Still waiting on the other colors of cases
  • PCB prototype kits for the SS65XT arrived
    • Firmware work is nearly complete
    • Need to order a 2nd prototype due to a PCB design error
  • Cepstrum left half prototype PCB has been ordered, still need to work on right half PCB design
  • Iris Rev. 7 PCBs
    • There are two batches of Rev. 7 PCBs, ones in purple and ones in pink
    • Part of the pink batch has arrived today, rest should be delivered on Monday
    • Purple batch is also expected to arrive on Monday
    • Once delivered on Monday, they will be put up for sale within a day

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